Bid Award Criteria

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Successful vendors of a bid award will be notified by the Purchasing Division by email or telephone confirmation and a purchase order number will be emailed to them. This purchase order number must be on the vendors invoice to receive payment. If a purchase is over $1,500 a purchase order number is required. The City of Douglas will not be liable for payment if the Purchase Order number does not appear on the invoice. The Purchase Order is the vendor’s authorization to ship the merchandise that is being ordered.

A hard copy of the Purchase Order will be emailed approximately one week after bid award. Awards are made with the following criteria all being taken into consideration: Lowest Bid, Delivery, Warranty, Vendor Performance, Past, and Present, Service and Parts Availability, and Dependability.

In the case of a tie-bid, all things being equal, the award will be made to the vendor located in the City of Douglas. Should neither vendor be located in the City of Douglas then award would be made by the toss of a coin.

***The City Manager approves all bids up to $10,000.***

Note: All formal bids will have recommendation and final decision will be made by the Mayor and Board of Commissioners.

If you do not find a bid tabulation that you are searching for, it may be located in the Bid Tabulation archives, which is located in the archive center for bid tabulations over 90 days old. 

Bid Tabulations

Bid tabulations will remain on this webpage for 90 days after the bid opening date.  All other bid tabulations are located in the Bid Tabulation Archives.  Follow this link to Bid Tabulation Archives

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