Mission Statement

The mission of the Purchasing Division is to purchase supplies, materials, and equipment for all departments of the city. It is also the mission of this division to warehouse materials that each department has deemed necessary to operate their department efficiently.

The objectives of the Purchasing Division are:

  1. Purchasing supplies, materials, and equipment for all departments using the bid process to obtain the lowest price
  2. Warehousing the necessary supplies and equipment for all departments
  3. Receiving all supplies and materials, unless safety consideration will not allow
  4. Issuing supplies to all departments at their request
  5. Disposing of all declared surplus equipment and supplies


Surplus Items

In addition to purchasing supplies, the Purchasing Division is also responsible for disposal of declared surplus equipment and supplies. Vendors or persons who wish to bid on city surplus items should visit GovDeals.com. For more information about the Purchasing Division, call (912) 389-3453. Please click below for surplus items available for auction.

City of Douglas Vendor Application Process

Bids and Money

The Purchasing Division of the City of Douglas Finance Department would like to encourage vendors and businesses to participate in bid opportunities offered throughout the year. 

Vendors who wish to be listed on the master bid list should complete a "Bidders List Application." Follow this link to download the application. This will open the bidder’s application so the vendor may print the application. Completely fill-in all information requested on the application and mail or deliver to the Purchasing Division. No applications will be mailed to vendors; however, vendors may pick up applications at the Purchasing office located at 123 W. Cherry Street, Douglas, Georgia, 31533. 

Once the application has been received by the Purchasing office, the vendor will be placed on the Master Vendor List. The vendor should receive bids relevant to the type of service they offer. If a vendor would like to be notified automatically of all requests for bids, the vendor should sign up to receive alerts through the City of Douglas website by visiting the website home address, and click on Notify Me module, which is located to the left of the home page.

The City of Douglas makes special efforts to assist DBE vendors (Disadvantaged Business Enterprises) to participate in City procurements, such as encouraging contracting and subcontracting of work on major contracts. Please list your GDOT issued DBE information on your bidder’s application. Information on obtaining a GDOT DBE certification can be found at http://www.dot.ga.gov/PS/Business/DBE

Bidder’s/Vendor Application (PDF)

Bidder's Application Vendor Manual (PDF)

Bid Registry

Access the vendor registry to let us know what services your company offers, so bids can be sent to you specifically based on what service your company provides.


The City of Douglas is committed to ensuring compliance and works to make certain that all management, staff and service recipients are aware of the provisions and responsibilities of Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, or national origin in any program or activity that receives Federal funds or other Federal financial assistance. All programs and operations of entities that receive assistance from the federal government must comply with provisions outlined under this Act.

The Grant Administrator of the Community Development Department is responsible for implementing, monitoring and ensuring the City of Douglas' compliance with Title VI of the City Rights Acts of 1964.

Link to Title VI Public Notice (English)

Link to Title VI Public Notice (En Espanol)

Link to Title VI Agreement

Link to Title VI Complaint Form

Link to Title VI Brochure

Link to Civil Rights Unit

Staff Directory

View Purchasing division's staff directory.