Energy Audits

To conduct your free online energy audit now, please follow the link below: FREE Online Energy Audit

The City of Douglas has partnered with Apogee Interactive to provide FREE online energy audits for City of Douglas customers. The HomeEnergyCalculator provides answers to questions about bills, energy consumption, and how to be more energy efficient. Results are based on actual local weather, local electric and natural gas rates, and the homeowner's specific home attributes. HomeEnergySuite™ consists of the following tools: 

a. HomeEnergyCalculator™: With the choice of a number of dropdown selections, a customer can estimate his/her home's energy consumption and patterns.
b. HomeEnergyLibrary™: A library of information to enable your customers and staff to access an extensive collection of energy information in and around the home.
c. Fundamentals of Electricity: Basic electricity fundamentals and how the electric utility industry generates and delivers power
d. InteractiveEnergyHome: A graphically rich and interactive extensive library for exploring electricity issues.
e. Kids Korner: An engaging and informative research-based learning center for children of all ages. Topics include: energy conservation, safety, energy fundamentals, history, glossary, careers and a host of fun activities.
f. Appliance Calculator: Ever wonder how much it costs to run an appliance in your home? This calculator will help you find the answer.
g. Lighting Calculator: Compares the purchase price and cost to operate Compact Fluorescent Lamps vs. Incandescent Lights.
h. Television Calculator: Compares the energy use and cost of LCD, DLP, Plasma, and traditional tube televisions.
i. Space Heaters:  Details the monthly cost of operating one, or more, space heaters.
j. Heat Pump Calculator: Demonstrates the savings potential of replacing older inefficient heat pumps with newer high efficiency units.