My Usage Pre Pay Program

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Residential utility customers can now apply and qualify for the City's new Pre-Pay program, "My Usage". Customers will be setup with an appointment to come in to Customer Care and begin their prepay experience.

To help customers take advantage of this opportunity, the City of Douglas will combine the utility accounts' current balance due and any unbilled balance to bring usage on the account up to date. The deposit on the utility account will be applied and any remaining balance will be paid or placed into the debt recovery system. Customers taking advantage of this offer could pay as little as the minimum of a $75 startup fee. If the account is disconnected at any time, the customer will be required to pay a minimum of $50 plus any current amount owed to be reconnected. The customer will not be assessed a reconnection fee.

"My Usage" pre-pay customers will receive advantages not given to regular utility customers. No deposit is required – the initial startup fee goes toward future use of the monthly utility bill. There are no disconnect or reconnect fees. If utilities to the account are disconnected, the customer will only have to pay $50 plus the current amount due to reconnect the services on the account. There will be no service fees and no late fees. Customers can track their daily balance and pay as they go. There will not be a large bill due at any time so the customer shouldn't experience any unexpected surprises.

To sign up to begin the program, customers should visit the Customer Care Center located at City Hall, 224 East Bryan Street. For more information, please call (912) 384-3302 or dial 311.

About My Usage Program (PDF)

My Usage Pre-Pay Program

Application for My Usage Program (PDF)