Georgia SPARTAN Firefighter Program

Spartan Logo ImageThe Georgia SPARTAN Firefighter Program was started in Douglas in 2018. The class was written to be an “in-house” class, but once others outside of the Douglas Fire Department heard about it, we were immediately asked to open the class up to outside agencies. The class is a 1 day/24 hour class that was written for newer firefighters to expand their basic skills while learning that they can push themselves, both mentally and physically, past their own expectations and still succeed on an emergency scene. The class stresses physical and mental preparedness, firefighter survival, interior search and rescue, and live fire during the class. The class size is held to a maximum of 12 students because of the class structure. Each graduating SPARTAN receives a SPARTAN number and is eligible to come back and help teach within the program. 

Although the class was written by Douglas Fire Department instructors and is hosted at the Douglas Fire Department Training Facility, the Georgia SPARTAN Firefighter Program is a stand alone program with a SPARTAN Council consisting of 8 firefighters from throughout the state. Each class is funded through SPARTAN dues and donations. Each instructor teaches the class free of charge and actually pays dues for the opportunity to help with the program. The class is entirely free to the students. The Georgia SPARTAN Firefighter Program has been approved for 24 hours of continuing education by the Georgia Firefighter Standards and Training Council.

The first class was held on March 24, 2018 and consisted of 8 students and 7 instructors, all from the Douglas Fire Department. Since then we have had a total of 5 classes (October 9, 2022 will be our sixth class) with a total of 61 SPARTANS. The Douglas Fire Department hosts 2 SPARTAN classes a year. We have graduates from throughout the State of Georgia and have even branched out into Alabama and South Carolina.

21-2 SPARTAN Flyer (PDF)

SPARTAN Firefighter Graduates

Bryson Lott (Douglas)Dale Merritt (Douglas)Scott Wiggins (Douglas)Curtis Gasque (Douglas)
Robert Beecher (Douglas)Casey Wright (Douglas)Tony Thompson (Douglas)Lee Clements (Douglas)
Will Greene (Douglas)Morgan Merritt (Douglas)Wade Carver (Douglas)Tyler Barrs (Douglas)
Hector Peralta (Douglas)Jonathan Wright (Douglas)Dana Carver (Douglas)Tyler Rowell (Douglas)
Charles Chip Payne (Douglas)Vince Walls (Houston County)Robert Brackett (Forest Park)Salvador Carrillo (College Park)
Bryan Altman (Tifton)Nicholas Rinberger (Douglas)Marcus Taylor (Forest Park)Will Thompson (Douglas)
John Boyd (Columbia County)Eric Lott (Douglas)Kiera Mobley (Douglas)Dillan Gilliard (Cairo)
Caleb Flood (Forest Park)Chris Coogle (Americus)Jesse Music (Douglas)Corey Martin (Douglas)
John "Jeb" Gaskin (Forest Park)Dylan Ellis (Douglas)Christopher Thomas (TIfton)Jaymes Turner (Americus)
Lance Card (Waycross)Richard Blue Jr. (Brunswick)Joe Petranto (East Point)Josh Young (Big Canoe)

Steve Marchman (Atkinson County)Patrick English (St. Andrews)Jonathan Fuqua (Covington)
Adrian Rios (Brunswick)Parker Lee (Cobb County)Evan Jernigan (Columbia County)Kregg Lumpkin (Newton County)
Brett Hotchkiss (Cairo)Cody Jordan (Tifton)Collin Hand (Brunswick)Cass Harris (GPSTC/GFA)
Brittney Weingard (Waycross)Gavin Reynolds (Ware County)William Maxwell (Newton)Bryan Hernandez (Brunswick)
Blayne Gray (Douglas)Brandon Ashford (West Point)Robert Tillman (Vidalia)Zach Licona (Dawson County)
Steven Poss (Henry County)Rusty Brown (Troup County)