Alcoholic Beverage License

If a citizen is considering applying for an alcoholic beverage license for their business, there are several qualifications that must be met prior to applying. 

The applicant for an alcoholic beverage license must be at least 21 years of age and be of good moral character and a citizen of the United States or a legal permanent resident or an otherwise qualified alien or non-immigrant under the Federal Immigration and Nationality Act and lawfully present in the United States. Any such alien shall have been lawfully admitted for permanent residence for at least one year prior to application.  The applicant must be a U.S. citizen or lawfully presence in the U.S. must be verified through S.A.V.E.

The applicant must also:

  • Meet all minimum requirements for such license imposed by the state.  The applicant and/or licensee manager must submit to a fingerprint-based background check/investigation.  
  • Have no conviction within ten years of the date of application of any felony, misdemeanor, excepting minor traffic violations, or any violations of the laws or ordinances of the city, state or United States relating to the distribution, sale or dispensing of alcoholic beverages or any crime involving moral turpitude. A plea of nolo contendere for any felony or misdemeanor of any city, state or federal court, or a forfeiture of a bond when charged with a crime is hereby considered a conviction under this chapter; provided, however, where the violation is for a misdemeanor or the forfeiture of bond involves a municipal ordinance, the board of commissioners in its discretion may waive such disqualification.
  • Have no past due/delinquent debt(s) owed to the City of Douglas or Coffee County government. (utility bills, trash bill, taxes, etc.)

The type of business must be permitted/allowed as required in the City of Douglas’s Unified Land Development Code.  The business location must meet all measurement requirements as listed in the Codes of Ordinances, Section 6-113.  A survey of the location showing distance to the nearest church, school, library, housing authority. Restaurants are exempt from measurement requirements.

No alcoholic beverage license shall be granted or issued to any applicant for such license nor shall any person knowingly and intentionally sell or offer to sell, give or distribute: 

(1)  Any distilled spirits in or within 100 yards of the front door of any church building; 

(2)  Any distilled spirits within 200 yards of any school building, educational building, school grounds or college campus; 

(3)  Any wine or malt beverages within 100 yards of any school building, school grounds or college campus; 

(4)  Any distilled spirits, wine or malt beverages within 100 yards of an alcoholic treatment center owned and operated by the State of Georgia or any county or municipal government therein. 

a.  As used in this subsection, the term "school building" or "educational building" shall apply only to state, county, city, or church school buildings and to such buildings at such other schools in which are taught subjects commonly taught in the common schools and colleges of this state, and which are public schools or private schools as defined in subsection (b) of O.C.G.A. § 20-2-690. 

(5)  No person knowingly and intentionally may sell any alcoholic beverages for consumption on the premises within 100 yards of any housing authority property.  As used in this subsection, the term 'housing authority property" means any property containing 300 housing units or fewer owned or operated by a housing authority created by Article 1 of Chapter 3 of Title 8, the "Housing Authorities Law." 

(6)  Nothing in this subparagraph shall prohibit a grocery store licensed for the retail sale of only wine and malt beverages for consumption off the premises from selling wine or malt beverages within 100 yards of any school building, school grounds, or college campus. 

The alcoholic beverage licensee must advertise, with the Douglas Enterprise, information concerning the date and time of the City Commission meeting (public hearing) in which the Mayor and Commission will either approve or deny the request alcoholic beverage license. Advertising must be published no less than 10 days before or no more than 21 days from the date of the public hearing.

For more information concerning alcoholic beverage licenses or operating a business within the City of Douglas, please call the Code Enforcement Division, (912)389-3462 or email City Marshal Rodger Goddard,

Link to Code of Ordinances, Alcoholic Beverage Licensing


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