Historic Preservation Committee


Purpose and intent is to establish a uniform procedure for use in providing the protection, enhancement, perpetuation and use of places, districts, sites, buildings, structures, objects, and landscape features having a special historical, cultural, or aesthetic interest or value, in accordance with the Code of Ordinance.  All members reside in the City of Douglas and shall be persons who have demonstrated special interest, experience, or education in history, architecture or the preservation of historic resources.  

Link to Historic Preservation Ordinance

Commission MemberTerms
Brenda Veal01/01/2020-12/31/2023
Frankie Snow05/24/2021-12/31/2023
Jim Cottingham01/01/2021-12/31/2023
Kevin Davis01/01/2022-12/31/2024
Melissa Rowell01/01/2022-12/31/2024
Georgia Henderson, Ex-Officio
Public Hearing - HPC Gaskin Avenue
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